There is only one Jay Leno and there is only one Fuji Speedway. It turns out there is also only one Lexus LFA Roadster. Put them together and you have the latest episode of Jay Leno's Garage. Leno, as you may recall, recently did a tour of Japan which previously saw him at Nissan discussing the future of the Z. In this video, the comedian heads to Toyota City to watch the LFA being built and then to Oyama, Japan to drive the aforementioned fresh-air version of the V10 supercar around Fuji.

Jay says this is the only roofless LFA that's going to be built (we're not sure what that says for the maroon model they showed at auto shows in 2008 – perhaps that one wasn't a runner or it's been repainted white). In this case, you can can take the word "roofless" literally – the top isn't stowed somewhere, the LFA Roadster doesn't have one at all. That never seems to curtail the enjoyment, however, with Jay exclaiming "Oh my God!" more than once and declaring of other supercars, "None feel as refined as this."

The LFA Roadster, Jay's Serious Driving Face, glorious V10 revving and a matte black LFA built for a Buddhist monk are all in the video below.

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