Typically Jay Leno's Garage gives us cool insights on rare, old and sometimes forgotten car models. In the latest episode, however, Jay takes us along to visit Nissan in Japan, where he talks about the next-generation of Z car.

The usually well-informed Leno starts the episode not knowing exactly what he's driving in a very special edition Nissan Fairlady 240ZG, though he does pronounce himself a fast fan of the original Z. After briefly motoring around Zama, Japan, The Chin drops in on the Nissan Technical Center, and gets the chance to ask Nissan design boss Shiro Nakamura, if there will be a new Z to mark Nissan's 80th anniversary in 2013. Jay also takes the opportunity to offer some insight as to what he'd like to see in a 2014 successor to the current 370Z.

Good times, as usual, with the king of car collecting. Please scroll down to watch the full episode.

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