The village of Elmwood Place caught 20,000 speeders in ... The village of Elmwood Place caught 20,000 speeders in two weeks. (Courtesy Fox-19)
The village of Elmwood Place, Ohio, had a hunch drivers were speeding through a school zone, so they set up a camera to try to track violators.

It's no surprise the village was right – but the sheer number of people in that town with a lead foot is surprising. In two weeks, the cameras caught 20,000 drivers speeding on one block.

The city has just 2,100 people living in its borders, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, which makes the traffic violations even more perplexing.

Local TV station Fox 19 interviewed Lisa Poe, a local resident who got six tickets for driving between 25 and 29 miles an hour in the school zone during school hours. She said she's facing $630 in fines, and might not be able to afford Christmas.

If she'd been pulled over by a police officer, rather than having her speed tracked by a camera, she said she would have learned to adjust her behavior during school hours.

"If it would have been a police officer, I would have only gotten one," she told Fox 19. "Cause I would have known better."

Read more at Fox 19's web site.

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