Five models doesn't quite equal GM, but it's pretty impressive for a startup.

And five models is exactly what Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk is shooting for. Musk says the battery-electric luxury vehicle maker will have five models by 2016, when Tesla will add a small crossover and a sports car to the mix at around the same time, according to Wired. Of course, we've heard similar predictions over the years (remember when there were hints that the next-gen Roadster would be coming in 2013?), but it appears that Musk is getting ready to talk about his four-year plan.

Having debuted the Model S sedan in June, Tesla will add the Model X crossover in 2014 and an "entry level" $30,000 sedan the following year (we knew this). That model will be similar in design to the Model S, but about 25 percent smaller, according to Musk. Also, it will not be called the Model E, as that was just a joke he made online recently. The smaller crossover will compete with models such as the BMW X3 while the sports car will be a successor of sorts to the convertible Roadster.

Musk, who has long forecast deliveries of 5,000 Model S vehicles for this year, told Automotive News in June that Tesla will boost sales to 20,000 units next year and to 35,000 in 2014.

Tesla said in July that its second-quarter loss widened by 84 percent to $106.5 million because expenses revenue fell and expenses surged in advance of the debut of the Model S, whose first deliveries were made in June.

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