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If you're anything like us (adult men with a love of cars, reasonable amounts of disposable income and way too much time on our hands during the day) you might have anywhere from five to 500 feet of orange Hot Wheels track in your basement. If you do, you've likely twisted, suspended, stapled and/or taped that track around your living quarters, trying to make tiny cars do amazingly sweet tricks.

What you haven't done, nor we, is ramp up (heh) the whole business to life-size scale. That's why the good folks at the Hot Wheels Test Facility have jobs we suppose – where else would we get videos like the one below?

A huge Hot Wheels track, a pretty wild-looking dune buggy and driver Brent Fletcher flying 92 feet in a corkscrewing fashion to claim a world record... it all sounds like a pretty great day job to our inner 10-year-old selves. We'll shut up now and let you watch the video below the fold.

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