Hyundai Veloster gets the Hot Wheels stunt treatment

Hot Wheels has chosen the Hyundai Veloster as the chariot of choice for the company's most recent stunt video. Team Blue is tasked with pulling off a tricky wall ride with mixed success, leading the head of Team Hot Wheels to turn to BMX guru Aaron Ross to show them how it's done. Ross executes the move without so much as breaking a sweat, and with the help of some special tires (and a little computer-generated animation) Team Blue quickly follows suit.

The Head of Team Hot Wheels then congratulates Team Blue before suggesting his crew take their stunts before a larger audience. Does that mean we'll see another live Hot Wheels stunt show in the near future? We can't help but hope so. Watching insane drivers pull off similarly unhinged stunts ranks among our favorite pastimes. Check out the video below to see the hijinks for yourself.

Hyundai Veloster Information

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