Marty Giles runs a Ford dealership in Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. Marty Giles had his dealership robbed over the weekend. Marty Giles has a good sense of humor... and a plan to get even.

What you are listening to in the video below is an actual radio spot, in which Giles tells listeners, "I know you've heard about our family pricing initative. Over the weekend, however, we had some non-family members come steal some rims and tires."

By that line at the 0:05 mark, we are already off to a rather humorous start. The wheels and tires belonged to a Harley-Davidson Edition Ford F-150, an F-150 FX4 and a Mustang. Rather than voice his anger, Giles decided to get even by offering a $10,000 reward to anyone who could provide information to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on the crime. Another $10,000 will be donated to a charity of the Mounties' choosing.

According to the ad, if the tires are returned, Giles will "call off the posse... no harm, no foul."

Giles also attempts to get inside the heads of the criminals, by adding "I get a great deal on commercials, and I'll run them forever until you get caught," and several other truly great lines. Click below to hear this instant classic of a radio spot.

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