Brazilian crosswalk guardians pick up, carry car out of intersection

To promote National Traffic Week in Brazil, a group has posted a video of how it is taking pedestrian safety into its own hands. The Hermann Blumenau Rotary Club is being called the "Brazilian Crosswalk Guardians," and this video shows exactly why.

When what looks to be a Fiat Panda rolls into the striped crosswalk area, the eight men sprint into action lifting the car up and moving it out of the way of pedestrians. This is apparently just a demonstration put on a marketing agency, but we'd be interested to see how things would play out if this were an actual crosswalk intervention.

The whole point of this group, and the video, is to point out how bad pedestrian safety has gotten in Brazil, especially in the city of Blumenau. According to the article in the Huffington Post, 13 people are killed each year in this city alone which is double the average rate for the rest of Brazil.

Check out the Brazilian crosswalk guardians in the video below.

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