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Since it has made its way to American shores, the Ford Transit Connect has proven to be nearly everything that one could ask for in a small commercial van: utile, frugal and easy to drive in tight quarters. What the van has never been accused of being, however, is particularly pretty. And, while we can't confirm with unerring certainty that the upcoming revision of the TC will be a looker, we do see evidence of a little more form to go with all of that function.

This new set of spy shots indicates that the Transit Connect will borrow liberally from the front end of the Fiesta, with headlights and grille both mimicking that fetching small car. Around back you'd be hard pressed not to notice the thinner, longer rear lighting elements, which appear both sleek and modern even in this heavily cladded context.

The Ford prototype in question makes use of a one-piece tailgate that is hinged on the roof, though we'd expect that the side-hinged double rear doors of the current model will still be available.

Expectations are that the new Transit Connect will arrive in North America and Europe as a 2014 model, sometime in the second half of next year. Small business owners everywhere, rejoice.

Ford Transit Connect Information

Ford Transit Connect

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