This is how to box up a Local Motors Rally Fighter [w/video]

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Attention Chicagoans and other Midwesterners: If you've been wondering when the Local Motors Rally Fighter might be coming to a show in your neck of the woods, the answer is Sept. 10-15. And no, the Chicago Auto Show has not been rescheduled, it will still be held next February. Rather, the Rally Fighter will be on display at something called the International Manufacturing Technology Show, which is where those few who get excited about metal cutting and forming, tooling, CAD/CAM, and other various industrial operations gather to spend a week pretending that the masses in the United States still care about manufacturing.

While you might think that Local Motors would simply haul or drive the Rally Fighter to IMTS, that's not the case. Instead, one of the cars was boxed up and trucked there, where it will be built live on the floor of the McCormick Place convention center. This demonstration is all part of the IMTS fun, and while the show is really designed for people who still build things for a living, there's likely no reason that blog-reading cubicle-dwellers (or writers...) can't pony up the $50 to attend the exposition.

Scroll down to watch a video about the IMTS Rally Fighter.

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