Mahindra Reva, an electric vehicle company based in India, is rolling out an all-new version of its Reva NXR, this one capable of seating four adults comfortably in the small car, compared to the previous version that seated two.

Reva, a subsidiary of Mahindra Group, exhibited the Reva NXR concept model at the 2012 Auto Expo held in New Delhi and is slated to potentially launch at the end of this year (after a big delay). The two-door electric hatchback, which will be available with either a lithium-ion or lead-acid battery pack. The lithium-ion battery powered NXR will cover a distance of 160 km on a full battery charge. The Reva NXR is expected to compete with the upcoming Nissan Leaf in India.

The Indian government has set up a subsidy for electric cars that are assembled within the country, allowing the automaker to cut the price of the car. The government is still working out the details on how the policy will be enforced, which may explain why Reva has been vague about the exact launch date.

The electric NXR is part of Mahindra Reva's strategy of selling about 30,000 electric vehicles in markets around the world within the next three to four years. The vehicles will be built at the company's plant in Bangalore. Whether or not that global strategy includes U.S. sales is yet to be revealed. Parent company Mahindra already has its hands full dealing with angry U.S. auto dealers who signed agreements with the company to provide the dealer network, but have yet to see any of these vehicles show up.

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