When are people going to learn that posting videos of themselves on YouTube doing something illegal is impossibly stupid can be used against them in a court of law? Motorcycles carelessly speeding through traffic at triple-digit speeds are one thing, but driving around in the suburbs randomly shooting a handgun out of the window is every bit as asinine.

This is the predicament that Ronnie Michael Wynn of Vancouver, Washington finds himself in after police discovered a video that the 23-year-old posted of himself on YouTube and Facebook. On July 16, Wynn had been arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, but when police found the video online during the course of their investigation, his problems had only just begun. An article on our sister site Huffington Post reports that Wynn had stolen the .45 handgun – as well as an Airsoft rifle, a watch and some checks – from his uncle. Wynn then had a teenage girl in the passenger seat record him driving around in a Chevrolet Malibu showing off the gun and firing it wildly out the window.

According to reports, Wynn, who calls himself "Ron Gotti," has outstanding warrants and faces charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, second-degree possession of stolen property, hit-and-run, driving on a suspended license and making false statements to police. While incarcerated, Wynn has also been accused of everything from second-degree identity theft and forgery to financial fraud. He is slated to go to trial on September 17.

Scroll down to see the video for yourself (Warning: music in the second video includes explicit language).

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