Roximity location-based deal provider app launches with a friend in Ford [w/video]

Wouldn't it be great if your car alerted you to nearby deals as you drove by them? Austin Gayer and Danny Newman's Roximity app will appeal to you, then. The duo explains it as "a location-based alert system that allows merchants to sign up for geo-aware location deals." In other words, when you're near a place offering a deal, you get an alert on your iPhone, and since Roximity is integrating with Ford Sync, that functionality extends to Ford cars and trucks as well.

Roximity was the winning app developed during the Ford Sync App Developer Challenge at the 2011 TechCrunch Distrupt Hackathon in San Francisco. What makes it different from other deal sites, like Groupon, is that you can better tailor the deals to your interest. This way you won't get deals for vegan dining if all you want is updates on bacon cheeseburgers. Watch the video below to see Gayer and Newman explain their app firsthand.

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