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Cabbie converts London taxi into Olympic hotel

We don't know what kind of person would want to be traveling in London right now. With the Olympics in town, the city has become besieged with tourists, athletes and officials. The price of hotel rooms have skyrocketed, and the presence of Olympic-only bus lanes have locked up everyone else, who must share the road. The length of a cab ride has jumped tremendously.

It must be a maddening experience, but one London taxi driver has found a solution that benefits both he and at least one tourist per night. David Weekes has turned his taxi into a hotel room, and for $75 a night one guest can stay in the back seat of his London Taxi TX4. It comes equipped with mattress, bedding, alarm clock, and a Paddington Bear.

Due to the difficulties of being a taxi driver during the Olympics, many have contemplated leaving town until the games are over. Weekes, on the other hand, offers tourists relief from the high hotel rates.

The taxi remains in his driveway overnight, and if you need to use the restroom, simply knock on his door. It's all part of the unique living experience. So is getting driven to your hotel room, in your hotel room. Scroll down to watch a video from CNN.

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