Although the vehicle sliding through the image above looks something like a cartoonified World Rally Championship Ford Focus, it is actually an ATV – the Yamaha YZF 450 Raptor, at right – turned into a miniature rally car. The transformation comes courtesy of Formula Cross, a company that wants to create an entry series into motorsports or weekend-warrioring that's more open, and kinder on the body, than karting. From what we can tell, the brains behind the machine is none other than RMR.

The resulting YFC 450 has equipment like a tubular chassis and "build it" roll cage, a racing steering wheel, and 12 inches of wheel travel with an adjustable sway bar and a wider track. The Formula Cross site announces its creation is coming this fall, so there's not a lot of information to really figure out exactly how they've completed the metamorphosis or how much it will cost. The whole thing is said to weigh 495 pounds wet; there's an asterisk after that, though, and back to that lack of info, we have no idea what the numerous asterisks on the equipment and specs lists represent.

We can say without any asterisks that we're intrigued. There's a video below to watch the Formula Cross in dirty action.

FormulaCross The ATV Revolution Coming This Fall 2012 from FormulaCross on Vimeo.

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