India's Big Daddy Customs has made a Moon Rover. What's that? It's a Tata Safari SUV (pictured at right) made to look like a Range Rover Evoque, but only really from the front, at a low angle, ideally in low light and assuming you'd never seen a real Evoque or the donor vehicle before. To get an idea of dimensions, the Evoque is a couple inches wider than a Safari, but the Safari is nearly a foot longer and more than a foot taller.

Having said that, given what Big Daddy started with, it's not entirely dreadful. The Evoque's signatures have been reasonably approximated, and the "custom white paint job" is part of the package. Nothing's been changed inside, but according to the company's Facebook page. " Apart from glass house area, everything else has been modified in the body shell."

So it's good to know that at least they take their work seriously. We think.

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