John Jackson is our kind of guy. As a professional automotive photographer, he's managed to combine his passion for photography and beautiful machinery into a vocation. But unlike most shooters, Jackson prefers to get off the beaten path to suss out the custom rides that would typically get passed over in favor of big-shop productions. How does he do that? He takes to the road in his own custom 1964 Chevrolet Corvair van. There's no air conditioning, and the air-cooled engine can only crank the van up to 60 mph, but that hasn't stopped Jackson from covering 170,000 miles in just four years.

That may seem absurd in a world where modern minivans offer three-zone climate control and can outrun most classic sports cars in the 0-60 dash. But as Jackson put it, in 1964, people drove these things across country all the time. Amen.

All told, he puts an average of 60,000 miles a year on the van, which underscores something in which we believe wholeheartedly: if you have a classic car, drive it. Few actions can lead to death and decay faster than leaving a machine squirreled away in a garage somewhere. Check out Depth of Speed's look at Jackson and his classic Chevrolet van below.

Depth of Speed: High Mileage from Josh Clason on Vimeo.

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