Henrik Fisker, what are you drawing?

"Cars have become an appliance... And on top of that, you start feeling a bit guilty about driving a car, because it pollutes, you use a lot of gasoline." These are the words of Henrik Fisker, car designer and the man who startes his eponymous automobile company, which currently builds and sells the extended-range electric Karma.

"Why do electric cars, or small fuel-efficient cars, always have to look dorky? Why can't we make a beautiful, gorgeous car?" Well, if you're the man who penned the BMW Z8 and a couple of show-stopping Aston Martin coupes, you don't have to design a dorky EV. Which explains the sleek lines of the aforementioned Karma and upcoming Fisker Atlantic.

Will Fisker ultimately succeed in establishing a viable automaker that continues to build cars well into the future? Only time will tell. Either way, we have to admire Henrik's bravado. "The doubters out there, they are rarely the builders. And those who are the skeptics, are never really the inventors... There are a lot of us out there who believe that dreams are possible."

Those parting words were spoken as Henrik Fisker laid out what appears to be a two-door sports car with a low-slung profile that would seemingly mesh quite well with the rest of Fisker's eco-conscious machinery. Scroll down below to watch the video, which was shot during his TEDxChapmanU talk.

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