For a car without side windows, the Renault Twizy sure is selling pretty well. At least, it is in Germany, where 1,000 units have sold since the car went on sale in the middle of April even though we're pretty sure it does rain there. The sales are doubly impressive given all the hesitancy about plug-in cars from the German automakers. Throughout Europe, says French website Moteur Nature, Renault has moved around 6,500 Twizys. The promotional stunts and music videos must be working.

Given these numbers, Renault's proposed expansion of the Twizy line to include the low-speed Twizy 45 (guess how many kilometers an hour it goes) seems like a smart move, since this LSV could then be legally driven by unlicensed drivers who are 16 or older in some locations.

Currently, Renault sells three versions of the Twizy: the base Urban model starts at £6,690 ($10,483 U.S. at today's exchange rates) while the high-end Technic costs £7,400 ($11,596). Remember, those low prices are offset by the fact that you need to rent the battery for an extra £45 ($70) a month for three years and the contract only allows 4,500 miles a year to be put on the car. Still, even with those restrictions – and no side windows – people are interested. Imagine that.

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