Volvo CEO admits automaker's cars are too complicated

Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby has said his company's products are "too complicated for the consumer," according to Automotive News. Jacoby said 75 percent of Volvo customers don't know "all the possibilities they have with their car." He contrasted the automaker with Apple's intuitive products, which make consumers feel in control of a device instead of overwhelmed by its capabilities. The executive also made it clear that in order for the company to thrive, it needs to better cater to the next generation of car buyers. That means finding ways to improve connectivity in the vehicle.

Jacoby also reinforced his belief in the company's upcoming plug-in hybrid models, saying the vehicles are the "mid-term future" for Volvo. The CEO mentioned that either gasoline or diesel plug-ins will play a big part in the Swedish automaker's product portfolio, and that in the future, every Volvo model could bow with a plug-in hybrid version as well.

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