Fans of electric motorsport generally have a hard time finding decent event coverage. Typically, it's not offered on TV, and video gleaned from the internet usually comes from either fans or individual teams and often lacks the professional production values we are accustomed to. Now, however, and possibly for a limited time only, footage from Britain's ITV 4 featuring the 2012 TT Zero is available to watch online.

Featuring quick pre- and post-race interviews with the top riders along with clips from the roadside, helicopter and on board the bikes, viewers are taken from the start line to the champagne showers in a somewhat condensed 13 minutes. We get to see some awesome footage as well as a fair amount of insight from the professional commentators. For instance, race leader Michael Rutter suffered from a loose "gas tank," forcing him to keep low to hold it in place.

Scroll on down to check it out all the history-making electric-ton-breaking action for yourself. Enjoy!

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