A week ago, Aston Martin showed off the new AM310 concept at Villa d'Este. Now we know what the DBS replacement will be called when the production version arrives, thanks to the snoops at CAR magazine: Vanquish.

The resurrected moniker, last used on the V12 GT flagship that Aston retired in 2007, is plainly visible on the decklid of the car shown above, whose rear-end styling exactly matches that of the AM310 Concept.

Whether the transporter carrying the new Vanquish was left open by genuine mistake or "accidentally" by design, CAR's video of the discovery, posted below, leaves no doubt as to the next Aston Martin's identity. And we have some tidbits of our own to add to the developing story.

We've heard some rumblings that more concrete information will become available later this month, and that if you want to see the Vanquish in person, you should keep Pebble Beach weekend open. As indicated by the AM310, the Vanquish looks to the ultra-exotic One-77 for some styling cues, but that's not all. Expect the Vanquish to outperform the DBS, with more power from the latest version of Aston's familiar 6.0-liter V12 and less weight thanks to carbon fiber bodywork. Lighter, quicker and faster? Our attention is piqued. U.S. buyers should be able to get their hands on the Vanquish sometime in early 2013.

Continue reading to watch video of the 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish sitting in its transporter, and compare its styling to that of the AM310 in an accompanying second clip.

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