Design language is a tricky thing. Err too much on one side and nobody will recognize your cars. Fall on the other and all your cars will look the same. Aston Martin, you might say, emerges more on the latter side than the former. Which isn't to say that we don't like how their high-end GTs look, mind you. But if any company is in need of a design shakeup, you could argue that it's Aston.

That's at least a little bit of what the British automaker shot for this weekend at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, the glamorous open-air auto show on the shores of Italy's Lake Como. There it presented the AM 310, a concept that ostensibly previews the replacement for the DB9 and DBS.

Said to be based on the same VH architecture that underpins the company's entire lineup (save the One-77, which has reportedly finished its production run anyway), the AM 310 packs a revised version of the same 6.0-liter V12 that was first developed for the DB7. It's packed into a shape that is distinctly Aston Martin, only in an updated form.

Gaydon has yet to release any official photos or press release on the new concept, so while you wait for them, you'll want to check out the videos below for a closer look – if only for the otherworldly sound the engine makes.

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Aston Martin

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