Policing the streets of Monte Carlo and the outlaying Monegasque countryside (little of it though there is) presents a unique set of challenges. Contrary to popular perception, there is an enforced speed limit in the Mediterranean principality. Enforcing it, however, is another issue, because Monaco has a higher concentration of supercars than 99-percent of the countries on the globe. So while they may get away with patrolling in puny Citroën diesels just across the border in France, the gendarmerie in Monaco needs something a little faster.

Solution: the KTM X-Bow. And not just any X-Bow – the X-Bow R, which tuner MTM has fortified to the tune of 400 horsepower. Considering the vehicle's 1,700-pound curb weight, that's enough juice to give this patrol vehicle a power-to-weight ratio capable of embarrassing most supercars. Of course, the KTM wouldn't be of much use in the rain, but considering the Austrian plates on this car, we get the distinct feeling that the officials haven't actually acquired any of these just yet – as much as KTM and MTM might like to sell them a few. Check it out in the video clip below.

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