With the longest coastline in the world, Canada is bound to get all sorts of weird things washing up on its shores from every which direction. But a Harley-Davidson motorcycle? That's what one Peter Mark found while riding his ATV on a secluded island off the Pacific coast of British Columbia. Its origin? Japan.

The bike – enclosed along with other random items in what appears to be the compartment off a moving truck – appears to have traveled some 3,000 miles across the North Pacific from Japan's Miyagi Prefecture to the Canadian province of British Columbia. That's where Mark found it, rusted but recognizable inside the white cube that was apparently washed out to sea by the tsunami that struck the island nation one year ago.

The finder of the piece of iron driftwood left it where he found it and contacted the Japanese consulate in Vancouver which is trying to track down the original owner whose fate remains unknown. Scroll down to watch the fascinating video report.

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