The venerable Isetta was tiny, cheap and nimble transportation in post-World-War-II Europe. In this day of $4-a-gallon gas, could a similar car be an attractive alternative? That's the question University of Applied Arts graduate Tony Weichselbraun asked as he endeavored to imagine a modern Isetta.

Tony calls his interpretation the eSetta, with the "e" indicating an electric motor in place of the original Isetta's gasoline-powered motorcycle engine. Such a small package couldn't hold much of a battery pack, but it doesn't need to in Tony's plan. The eSetta would be part of a car sharing system where the little cars would be charged via induction stations where the eSetta could be borrowed and returned.

For now, the eSetta is only a concept, but its familiar retro look and frugal philosophy could do well for short trips in a compact urban center.

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