Police officers in Santa Fe, N.M. recently started using unmanned speed-enforcement vehicles to ticket heavy-footed motorists. It hasn't exactly been a popular endeavor.

One disgruntled man took his dissatisfaction to another level in the wee hours of Wednesday, April 11, firing at least five rounds from a handgun at the vehicle, which sustained minor damage.

Video cameras inside the police SUV captured the incident. Upon examination, the tape showed an elderly gentleman with a flowing mane of white hair, wearing what appears to be a nightgown of some sort, approach the vehicle.

As he fires his weapon from approximately 10 feet away, he mutters something inaudible, then gets back into his own vehicle, believed to be an Audi SUV or wagon. Police say only 3 of his 5 shots hit the vehicle.

The victim vehicle, the Santa Fe New Mexican reports, had been left overnight on Bishops Lodge Road, north of downtown, and is out of commission while being repaired.

Many critics have complained about "Big Brother" recording their whereabouts as well as inaccurate tickets with high fees. Police are hoping release of the video results in the assailant's arrest. He'll be on the hook for something more serious than a speeding ticket.

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