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Dumbest place to attempt a robbery? Right in front of police officer

A crook got a steaming helping of justice after attempting to stick up a cabbie in Reading, Pennsylvania, on Monday. The robber was apparently too busy demanding money from the terrified driver to notice the police cruiser in the rearview mirror.

Man tries to extinguish garbage fire with van full of ammunition

It Goes About As Well As You Might Expect

A man from Missouri attempted to put out an out-of-control fire by driving over it in a van full of gasoline and ammunition Tuesday afternoon.

Toyota fires bullets into hydrogen fuel tanks, shoots down EV supporters

Many gearheads will remember that the 1970s-era Dodge Dart's claim to fame was that its motor was so durable (though not necessarily powerful) that one could shoot bullets into the engine block. Decades later, Toyota has taken a page out of that testing process.

Video: Elderly Man Shoots Unmanned Police Vehicle In Santa Fe, N.M.

Police say only 3 of 5 shots hit from distance of 10 feet

Police officers in Santa Fe, N.M. recently started using unmanned speed-enforcement vehicles to ticket heavy-footed motorists. It hasn't exactly been a popular endeavor. One disgruntled man took his dissatisfaction to another level in the wee hours of Wednesday, April 11, firing at least five rounds from a handgun at the vehicle

A shotgun does not a lug wrench make - Darwin contestant

What do you do when you've got a lug nut that just won't budge? While you might want to blast it to smithereens, lots of dirty words, some mechanical finesse, a breaker bar, and heat usually get the job done. Of course, swearing like a truck driver is wholly unsatisfying when you compare it to the joy of firearms. A 66-year-old Washington resident had been dealing with a recalcitrant Lincoln Continental for two weeks when he decided he'd had enough.

Is that a cannon in your Vespa or are you just happy to see me?

This scooter looks terribly exciting, till you learn that it needs Viagra. Sure, this Vespa Acma packs a badass barrel, but it was designed for transporting the cannons, not blasting other motorists. We wonder what the little 145cc engine would do when faced with the recoil, as well.