Cyber crime is big business these days, and everyone from organized crime rings to governments are participating. The latest publicized attack was announced by Nissan, after the automaker detected malicious malware on its computer network.

Nissan Vice President Andy Palmer issued a statement that the attack has been detected, adding that neither customer nor employee data was accessed. Palmer says that the incident "initially involved the malicious placement of malware within our IS network, which then allowed transfer from a data store, housing employee user account credentials."

Palmer did say that employee user IDs and hashed passwords were transmitted. That certainly sounds bad, but Palmer claims that Nissan has no indication that personal information was compromised.

Palmer also added that the attack occurred on April 13, but the automaker apparently chose not to disclose the issue until the extent of the damage was known. Nissan has also reportedly taken the time to ensure that their system data was properly secured. Scroll down to view the video statement issued by Nissan.

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