Vilner adds wood paneling to Land Rover Defender

Bulgarian tuner Vilner has some kind of Luxo-Ray that fires munitions packed with at least two tons of quilted leather and Alcantara, then aims it at just about everything as soon as it can be reloaded. The latest target is the Land Rover Defender Wood, making this the second time in a year that the Defender has come into Vilner's sights.

Last time they only hit it with one barrel and left the floorboards and cargo area covered in black carpeting. This time they unloaded both barrels, so in addtion to black-and-brown Nappa leather and Alcantara wrapping everything from the sport seats to the third brake light, Vilner's added leather arm rests, wood paneling underfoot and a new treatment for its 600-watt "Ground Zero" sound system that all but eliminates usable cargo space.

Oh, and the whole thing is soundproofed. So that no one can hear you scream at your passengers to remove their dark-soled shoes and not eat, drink or touch anything.
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Land Rover Defender – goes under Vilner's knife again

This is the latest evidence which shows that the guys from studio "Vilner" are able to transform everything wheeled to luxury. The interior has been covered in brown and black, using Nappa and Alcantara. There is leather on the doors, the dashboard, the new sport seats, the grips on the headliner and the sun visor. The sun visor has been covered with Alcantara; the same applies to the rear view mirror and the third brake light. The shapes on the leather, the new elbow rest and the bottom of the seats reflect an athletic vigor, and the "piano lacquer" subtlety. The decision about the floor is eccentric – wooden decoration, a motive that embellishes the rear arm rest. The speedometer on the dashboard has the same color as the interior. The Vilner Sound System takes care about the amusement of the passengers: a multimedia system with power of 600W and 15-inch LCD screen connected to the DVD-player has been installed. And of course – the car cab has been soundproofed.

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