It's the 42nd Earth Day today, and we hope as many of you as possible were able to enjoy something natural, something earthy, something outside today. We certainly did, and we just wanted to stop in and make note of the Earth in some way before the day ends. Sure, nature and natural resources are a subtext to a lot of the posts we write – national security folks, this would be your cue to chime in that burning less gas protects more than just the environment – but once a year we like to make it explicit. Plus, we get to celebrate twice today.

When we started AutoblogGreen six years ago, on Earth Day 2006, we had no idea what it would turn into, and we're happy to say that the future has never looked brighter, both for the site and – more importantly – for cars that offer reasonable, reliable, rocking alternatives to pure gasoline. Granted, we're not all the way to where we want to be quite yet and it's clear that the way forward will continue to be fraught with political disagreements about how to get off oil as well as immense technological challenges. But for now, we're just happy to be here – and that we can head on outside once again.

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