Some automakers roll out a new model and that's pretty much it, while for others, a new model's introduction is just the starting point. Porsche most definitely falls in the latter category. When a new 911 rolls out, for example, you can bet there will be a dozen or more versions to follow. A new Boxster? Slap a roof on it and in another year or so you've got a new Cayman. So it only stands to reason that the German automaker would do the same with its more family-oriented offerings, the Panamera and Cayenne.

Automobile magazine's European bureau reports that, when Porsche rolls out a restyled Panamera next year, the four-door model will yield the variants that the current model does not. That will likely include a long-wheelbase model for the Chinese market, as well as a potential shooting brake and a possible four-seat cabriolet.

A slant-back version of the Cayenne is also said to be in the works to take on the BMW X6, with a new Cayman to put a roof over the new Boxster's head later this year and a generous array of 911 variants to come out year after year. Couple all those spin-offs with the new Macan crossover, the Pajun (baby Panamera) and a pair of new supercars (918 and 960) to slot in above the 911 range and they're suddenly looking very busy at Zuffenhausen over the next few years.

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