Well, it looks like at least one AutoblogGreen writer is a decent candidate to start leasing the battery-electric powered Honda Fit EV when it debuts this summer.

That's the result of Honda's "EV Readiness Assessment" (available here). Honda asks questions such as where the potential customer lives, the distance of his or her daily commute, residential garage access and whether he or she intends to install either a 120-volt or 240-volt home charging station. This writer gained points for his home base (Los Angeles), short commute and garage access, but he'd be well advised to spring for a station since Honda says that, for the charging-station-deprived, "it might be tough until EV infrastructure grows a bit more."

Honda estimates that the Fit EV will have an "adjusted" single-charge range of 76 miles, about equal to the Nissan Leaf battery-electric. The Japanese automaker unveiled the Fit EV at the Los Angeles Auto Show last November and said it would include a lithium-ion battery and a coaxial electric motor similar to the one used on the Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle.

Honda Fit Information

Honda Fit

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