Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Ryan Leaf was arrested last Friday and charged with being in possession of prescription Oxycodone pills that weren't his. Three days after posting a $76,000 bond, the Associated Press says he's been arrested again.
According to the report, the owners of a Great Falls, Montana home came home to find a "tall man with an athletic build" and shiny shoes waiting for them. The police report says the man stated he was in the wrong house and left.

The wrong house part is the most interesting part of this story for Autoblog readers, because police say they searched Ryan Leaf's truck and, whaddaya know, the fallen quarterback's GPS showed he had been in the driveway of that Great Falls house at the same time the owners claim. Leaf's navigation system data also suggests he pulled into between five and ten other driveways in the neighborhood. Whoops.

Leaf is charged with two felony counts of burglary, two felony counts of criminal possession of a dangerous drug, two misdemeanor counts of theft and a probation violation.

To be clear, Leaf remains innocent until proven guilty. Heck, maybe he was just following the real thief from house to house trying to do a favor for the police. Great Falls indeed.

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