Saab Museum reopens in Sweden

Part of the sideshow in the Saab revival circus has been the waning and waxing fate of the Saab Museum Trollhättan, Sweden. The U.S. Heritage Collection was sold to two U.S. collectors earlier this year, while the Swedish museum's collection was rescued from breakup by three Swedish interests: the city of Trollhättan, SAAB AB and The Wallenberg Foundation.

With stipulations that its cars can only be displayed at the museum or regionally on occasion, the new museum opened its doors this weekend with the full complement of so-called quirky autos. It's open just about every day this year save for a week in June and the Christmas holidays.

Meanwhile, over at the main event, a joint bid involving BAIC and Panasonic appears to have joined the melee, while we wait on the results of bids from Youngman and Mahindra. We can only hope the Saab car company shares in the same good fortune as the museum.

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