Saab cars headed to crusher, Trollhättan museum selling off 120 cars

The future hopes of Saab seem to have been crushed under the weight of insolvency, and that's going to translate into reality as about 100 Saab cars lingering on the production lines are cubed up into scrap metal croutons. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the vehicular carnage will ensue over the next 48 hours as the death rattle from Trollhättan gets ever louder.

Why squish a bunch of orphan cars? Autocar reports that the move is part of the receivership process. Headed for the gallows are cars finished before the money completely dried up, including some 9-4X crossovers and pre-production 9-5 Estates.

While the Saab museum is currently closed and facing an unclear future, Autocar reports a single 9-5 Estate is being kept around for later exhibition. That report would appear to conflict somewhat with word that Saab's 120-car museum collection is being liquidated. According to BringATrailer, bids are due to bankruptcy attorneys by this Friday, January 20, so if you're interested, get going. Brand fan site SaabsUnited has details, too, including how you might be able to have someone scrutinize your would-be purchase in-person.

Even in the land of the midnight sun, and despite the hopes of so many of the brand's fans, it looks like the last flicker of twilight coming from Saab has been nearly extinguished.

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