Where does he get those wonderful toys? We're speaking, in case you didn't catch the movie quote, of Batman. Specifically, his most famous car, otherwise known as the Batmobile. There have been well over a hundred Batmobiles since the first, a 1936 Cord, was used in 1941.

Seventy-one years later, Bruce Wayne's number-one ride has gotten considerably more expensive to procure. According to the sleuths at Centives, between 1940 and 1970, Batman spent a miserly (and inflation adjusted) $32,000 for the average Batmobile. After that date? A whopping $358,000. Holy Toledo, Batman!

While some Batmobiles are completely custom designed for the Caped Crusader, others are based on more pedestrian production cars... like the Lamborghini Reventón or Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR. Indeed, over the years Batman has, among others, made use of various Chevrolet Corvette models, a Ford Mustang or two, a number of Jaguar XKE models and even a British TVR.

After it's all tallied up and recorded for posterity, Centives guesstimates that the average Batmobile set Batman back roughly $214,700. Remember, there's been over a hundred Batmobiles in comic book land. We guess it takes a multi-billionaire playboy like Bruce Wayne to afford the crime-fighting lifestyle of an alter-ego like Batman.

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