The Batmobile's 70-year history in pictures

The history of the Batmobile – Click above to see full image

In the world of superheroes, Batman is a bit of an anomaly. While the rest of the comic world's crime fighters are imbued with special powers derived from radiation, mutation or celestial birth, Batman's je ne sais quoi is sourced up from nothing more than being filthy rich and a little bit crazy. Maybe that's why we like him. Of course, his penchant for amazing automobiles, motorcycles, boats and jets never exactly hurt our feelings either. We fancied ourselves at least quasi-familiar with the Caped Crusader's history of transportation, but according to researchers at and the designers at, our knowledge was more than a little lacking.

For example, did you know Bruce Wayne's secret identity spent some time behind the wheel of a gussied up Ford GT90 Concept? Neither did we. How about an Opel Speedster, Dodge Viper, several Chevrolet Corvettes, and a Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR? Yep, we had not a clue. Call us crazy, but we still have a soft spot for the Batmobile dreamed up for the Tim Burton Batman by Anton Furst. Check out all of his cars in the gallery.

[Source: CarInsurance.Org]

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