If there are words for the Gemballa Tornado and the vehicle's spiritual twin, the Mistrale, we can't find them.

If you like air vents, the Tornado has you covered. The vehicle boasts more intakes than your favorite industrial air conditioner, with the majority of them crafted from carbon fiber. At least the bodywork is lightweight. The abomination creation, based loosely on what was once a Porsche Cayenne, puts a lofty 721 horsepower to the ground and relies on a set of aggressive Brembo brakes to bring the party to a stop.

And what of the Mistrale? As much as we love the Porsche Panamera, the car certainly didn't need another go-around with the ugly stick. Like the Tornado, the Mistrale boasts a slew of carbon fiber work, epic 22-inch forged alloy wheels and and a completely reworked interior. Buyers can expect to find the same 721 horsepower under the hood, too. And here you thought SEMA was the only place to this level of insanity.

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