Watch this rolling cliché of motorcycle drifting, stunting, fast cars and hot models

If you film it, they will watch.

Apparently, a video featuring a heavily modified Graves Motorsports Yamaha R1 ridden by stunt rider Bill Dixon isn't enough of a draw to attract the easily wandering eyes of the YouTube crowd. So, in addition to the blacked-out bike, which Dixon describes as "the epitome of badass," the film crew also brought along a couple cars, all of them black, including a Stillen-modified Nissan GT-R and some sort of supercharged-Hemi-powered police car.

Not enough? Fine. How about aerial shots from a helicopter and a couple of leggy models named Angela and Destiny, dressed in both impossibly skimpy (NSFW!) bikinis and Holloween-ready police girl outfits?

Yep, this video's got all the chichéd stereotype boxes checked. All that's left to do is watch. You'll find it after the break... and remember, it's probably best not to do so at work.

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