Mitsubishi ships first East Coast-bound i electric vehicles

Mitsubishi earlier this week shipped its first i electric vehicles to the U.S. East Coast with a delivery of the cars making it to Baltimore. Mitsubishi also reported February sales of 44 i vehicles, up from 36 in January.

The Baltimore-area EVs will be used by regional dealers as demonstration vehicles in advance of nationwide sales this summer. Dealerships in the northeastern U.S. as well as Virginia and Illinois will have the EVs for local customers to test drive.

The Japanese automaker in January bumped up the nationwide sales date by about nine months because of better-than-expected advance inquiries. Mitsubishi started selling the car in Hawaii and on the West Coast in November.

The model was named by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in November as the country's most fuel-efficient production vehicle, getting a fuel economy rating of 112 miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent, combined. The i can go about 62 miles on a single charge, or about 11 miles fewer than the Nissan Leaf.
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First East Coast Shipment of 2012 Mitsubishi i Electric Vehicles Arrive at the Port of Baltimore

Mon, Feb 27, 2012 - Baltimore, Maryland -

Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., (MMNA) has received the first shipment of 2012 Mitsubishi i electric vehicles to the eastern United States. These units will be delivered to Mitsubishi Motors dealerships for use as demonstration vehicles.

This initial delivery of the Japanese auto manufacturer's groundbreaking 100% electric-powered vehicle to the Port of Baltimore – recently named by the EPA as the #1-ranked most fuel-efficient vehicle available in the United States – marks the debut of the fun-to-drive, efficient and proven 2012 Mitsubishi i to most of the eastern seaboard.

"With so many vehicles sold in different parts of the globe, Mitsubishi's 100% electric-powered vehicle has a proven record of reliability, safety and ease of use," said MMNA President & CEO Yoichi Yokozawa."And as the #1 selling electric vehicle (EV) in Norway, the Mitsubishi i should have no problem adapting to American households in the cold-climate northeast corridor."
Customer and fleet deliveries of the 2012 Mitsubishi i began last December on the west coast (California, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii). The vehicle will be available to test drive at participating dealerships throughout the northeast, Virginia and Illinois beginning in March and will be available nationwide by this summer.

With a starting net value of $21,625* for the well-equipped entry-level ES model (the premium-grade SE version begins at $23,625*), the 2012 Mitsubishi i is the most affordably-priced mass-produced electric vehicle (EV) available in the United States and is the first of several new advanced, alternative-fuel production vehicles that the Japanese auto manufacturer plans on bringing to the North American market in the next few years.

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* ES $29,125 MSRP less $7500 federal tax credit = $21,625 after tax credit; SE $31,125 MSRP less $7500 federal tax credit = $23,625 after tax credit

About Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc.

Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc., (MMNA) is responsible for all manufacturing, sales, marketing, research and development operations for Mitsubishi Motors in the United States. MMNA sells coupes, convertibles, sedans and sport utility vehicles through a network of approximately 400 dealers. In November of 2011, MMNA launched the battery-powered electric vehicle Mitsubishi i as part of a corporate mission to offer consumers more environmentally responsible modes of transportation. This battery-powered electric vehicle technology addresses the need for vehicles that produce zero tailpipe emissions and support a growing agenda for sustainability. For more information, contact the Mitsubishi Motors News Bureau at (888) 560-6672 or visit

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