Is the Mini brand big enough for two convertibles?

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When we first drove the Mini Roadster barely a month ago, we couldn't help but feel that it had, essentially, usurped the place that had until now been taken by the Mini Convertible. The Roadster is, after all, sleeker, more stylish, that much more fun and – for some reason – even a little cheaper ($600 lower MSRP) than the four-seat cabriolet. But does that leave the Convertible without a place in the brand's ever-expanding lineup?

Since both are based on more than just the same platform, the specs are just about identical. That is, except when it comes down to interior space. While the Convertible has a pair of seats in the back – however small, still good for taking the kids for a spin or tossing an extra duffel – the Roadster has none. The Roadster, however, makes up for that with a relatively usable trunk where the Convertible has practically none. The Roadster also weighs 66 pounds less, and has more headroom (up front, of course), though front elbow room takes a three-inch hit.

So with a fresh crop of images released by Mini showing its two droptops side by side, our question is which, if any, you'd choose if you were in the market for a little retro convertible. Cast your vote in the poll below.

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