Sergio Ochoa, the 'Car Whisperer,' is on a mission to land Tesla Motors dream job

How's this for bold?

A marketing strategist with the name Sergio Ochoa is on a mission to find his dream job, and that job happens to be working for Tesla Motors. He's got confidence, that's for certain, as you can tell from the way he calls himself the Car Whisperer. He writes:

Hello there Tesla. Although it may seem that I was pieced together in a lab by a team of braniacs with the goal of creating the ultimate whispering machine, I want to assure you, I am human, at least a portion of me is. When the suit and glasses come off I go by the name of Sergio Ochoa, a marketing aficionado with a passion for communicating disruptive products to the world, the universe and beyond.

This information is taken from Ochoa's incredibly subtle "Tesla Should Hire Me" website, where he's also put up his resume and left a way for Tesla folks to contact him. He even produced a seven-minute video about his desire to work for the "Tesla marketing gurus," which he calls, "a perfect fit." Check out his entirely flattering "Car Whisperer" video after the jump.

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