eGarage interviews Akira Nakai of RWB in latest video

Akira Nakai is the man behind the tuner RWB – Rauh-Welt Begriff, which is loosely translated as "Rough World Concept," and he doesn't often climb out from under one of the 930 or 964 Porsches he's working on. His original shop in Japan is now 20 years old and he still works in the same building, even though his tuning ethos has caught on hot enough to provide other shops around the world.

He's a car nut, simply, and he makes nutty – in a good way – cars. The guys at eGarage got him away from a project long enough to say a few words about what he does, what he thinks, and what he'll be doing until he dies. Even though he speaks a different language, he sums all of us up nicely. Check him out in the video premiering exclusively on Autoblog after the jump.

RAUH WELT Begriff // Night Session from eGarage on Vimeo.

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