GT500-crashing kid to get Tosh.0 web redemption [w/video]

Seasons may change, time may pass, but the internet never forgets. It's been six years since then-14-year-old Joey drove his father's brand-new Ford Shelby GT500 through the back wall of the family's garage. Video of the event and the ensuing carnage has racked up an astonishing 3.6 million views on YouTube on one account alone, and the clip remains a perennial classic. Now it looks like Joey is finally ready for a little redemption courtesy of the good people at Tosh.0. The show routinely features people who are internet stars for all the wrong reasons in the "web redemption" segment.

Daniel Tosh, the show's host, allows those maligned by the power of the internet one more shot at infamy while reenacting the event that made them infamous to begin with. Joey will explain his side of the GT500 calamity on the newest episode of Tosh.0 airing on February 21. Click past the jump to see the crash one more time. Trust us, it never gets old.

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