StuntBusters asks, Which is faster, EV or ICE?

Faithful readers of AutoblogGreen may be well aware of the high-performance abilities of electric drivetrains on the drag strip (see White Zombie, Black Current and Lawless Rocket for examples) but sadly, many others haven't yet gotten the torque-rules memo.

Enter Stuntbusters. Finding some time in their busy Cadillac-crashing, gas-bomb-car-flinging schedule, the Speed program decided to conduct a couple experiments that might help spread the word. They throw up a Porsche Carrera S against a Tesla Roadster in a one-on-one race to represent the modern era. A second contest puts a classic 1969 Camaro against the battery-powered Type 65 coupe replica from SSI Racing.

Now, perhaps this isn't the most scientific test, but winning over the masses isn't about dry facts and figures. It's about emotions. And there's nothing like a little drag strip drama to help stir it up. So, which cars win? All you've got to do is hit the jump to find out.

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