When it comes to blowing up cars, the boys (and girl) from Mythbusters are starting to get some serious competition from the Stuntbusters crew. While Discovery's myth-busting show bases its explosions around some sort of crazy science experiment, its competitor from Speed seems simply content with fireballs and bombs just for the sake of good television.

Just so long as Stuntbusters keeps its auto explosions to old, unwanted machines like the much unloved Chevrolet Corsica and the never-going-to-be-collectible Mazda 929, as seen in the video after the break, we're okay with wonton destruction in the name of entertainment.

Check out the video past the jump, where you'll learn the proper ingredients for a couple types of bombs; one powered by gasoline and one with a fiery mixture of moth balls and black powder. You are interested, aren't you? See the conflagration in all its glory after the break.

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