Arizona police upset over viral video of high-speed Bugatti

A video surfaced on YouTube last week that purported to show a Bugatti Veyron being driven at near top speed on public roads. Mind you, "near top speed" for a Veyron still means well above 200 miles per hour. The YouTube account owner who uploaded the video claims that the car made seven runs and reached speeds in the range of 215-225 mph. That's well short of 253 mph, the Bug's terminal velocity in Top Speed mode, but the Veyron was reportedly left in Handling Mode to accommodate the public road's uneven surface.

The video has attracted over 1,200,000 views after just one week on YouTube, and at least one of those views was the authorities in Arizona. Despite text in the video claiming that the high speed runs were shot "south of the border," police in Arizona were still none too thrilled with what Arizona Department of Public Spokesman Bart Graves called "a criminal act." The act in question is said to have occurred in late 2009, and since the driver's identity is never fully revealed, there's not much the authorities are likely going to do about it now. There's also no know way to know for certain where the video was shot, though Arizona police say the driver would be thrown in jail if he were caught trying to repeat the act in their jurisdiction.

The ironic thing is that the police did apparently have an opportunity to bust the driver, though they didn't know it at the time. The end of the video shows the Veyron pulled over on the side of the road by the Arizona Highway Patrol, but the video's description claims the driver wasn't cited because he was only going 80 mph at the time and the "officer stopped the car to take a look at it."

Follow the jump to get a look at the Bugatti going all out on public roads for yourself.

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