Amazing mod Egg chairs in your favorite classic racecar liveries

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These days, you only have a Ball chair in your office if you're an evil genius or confused enough to think it's still 1962. The clever artists at Racing & Emotion Design are out to change all that, though. The company has taken it upon themselves to slather the spherical seating, as well as an "Egg" style chair, in some of the world's most famous racing liveries.

Want to kick back in the same style as the Gulf Porsche 917? No problem. What if the Pink Pig is more your style? Racing and Emotion Design have you covered. The French designers have even worked up a chair in Ayrton Senna's helmet livery, as well as the colors found on the racer's Lotus 97T. In all, there are 21 separate liveries to chose from. We're particularly smitten with the BMW 3.0 CSL piece, though the various Gulf liveried thrones are likely to be sure winners.

Unfortunately, we won't be dragging one of these home to the lair anytime soon. The chairs each cost around $3,788 at current conversion rates, which means we'll just have to control our death ray from the comfort of the couch. Head over to Racing & Emotion or Classic Heroes to take a look at the full range.

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