BMW's latest ConnectedDrive technology (BMW).
Building on earlier technical advancements, BMW has offered a glimpse at the next iteration of its ConnectedDrive assistance system tweaked for the 5 Series. The original relied on radar and camera systems. The new version includes ultrasonic scanners and lasers to survey the road surface, lines and surrounding vehicles.

Like earlier versions, this one needs to have road data downloaded into the car before it can drive without human help.

But in real-world testing on the autobahn, it slowed for traffic, accelerates to speed and changes lanes while the driver enjoys a hands-off automotive experience. It could be a while before the entire system enters mainstream use, especially considering the need for advance data.

But it's already inching forward. The 2013 BMW i3 will come with a Traffic Jam Assistant system that steers, accelerates and brakes the car up to 25 mph in traffic. The functionality is starting to arrive – just not at autobahn speeds.

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